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Design 5 Portable Stack Rack

Stack, rack, stacking, portable

stack racks Unique design with many available options permits storage of very long and heavy items.
stack racks Stack up to five levels high or knock down when empty.
stack racks Standard capacity 2,000-4,000 lbs. per rack.  Heavier capacity available.
 stack racks Very useful for products like rolls of cloth, carpet, and other rolled goods, metal or plastic tubing, fluorescent lighting tubes, etc.

stack, rack, portable, stacking storage

portable, stack, rack. stackable, d5gray 2yellow wm
Design 5 stack racks used to store long boxes. Drawing of Design 5 stack racks used to store large boxes. Design 5 stack rack used to store long rolls of material.
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Material handling stack racks Portable stack racks Stack rack made in USA